Disposition Marketing

To maximize asset value in this cycle, sellers' look more closely how their properties are marketed. Bull Realty's industry leading marketing platform has proven to provide more local, national and international exposure than any company in the nation. 

Since our brokers specialize in the single tenant sector, our buyer databases and transaction experience add tremendous value when selling single tenant assets. The two main reasons Bull Realty was founded 15 years ago are still our main drivers today. To provide the best commercial real estate marketing in the nation and to grow a company known for stellar integrity and reputation.

The laws of supply and demand effect the value of everything; real estate is no different. While supply can't be controlled, demand can absolutely be increased. For an introduction of the most superior marketing platform in the country, the exposure is created in three categories. 

1) Since we focus on the sector at the National Single Tenant Net Lease Group, we have active contact with the most aggressive buyers and have developed extensive databases and a huge following in the industry. We reach buyer prospects directly in many ways including calls, meetings, emails, newsletters, our web sites and networking.

2) While the lead brokers are making direct buyer contact, our marketing support at Bull Realty is creating incredible exposure on up to 350 web sites, 17 marketing systems and 4 to 7 email marketing systems. All this is done right away while the property is new to the market, when if properly marketed, often the best offers are received.

3) Our firm has the best reputation in the industry for cooperation and sharing commissions.  To exponentially increase the demand we also market your property to agents and share our fee with all the agents and brokers in the country. So rather than one broker's relationships and database marketing your property, you have thousands of brokers creating demand.

While you can't control supply, you can absolutely increase demand.

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